Press Release | November 10, 2021

Wedge Financial, Inc. Announces First App Allowing Customers to Spend Using Any Asset, Anywhere

Wedge provides real-time liquidity to stocks and bonds, transforming how anyone can invest, spend, and save.

Austin, Texas (November 10, 2021) – Wedge Financial, Inc. (“Wedge”) announces the release of its digital wallet and spending application. The Wedge app revolutionizes how consumers access and utilize their assets, including stocks and bonds, making them available at checkout for everyday purchases for the first time. Wedge bridges the gap between a user’s bank and brokerage accounts and makes all of a user’s assets available through a single, intuitive app that is used for any purchase using a single Wedge-issued debit card. As a result, users put cash that’s been sitting in their checking account to work without sacrificing liquidity and capitalize on market movements any time they make a purchase.

To provide this capability, Wedge securely connects to a user’s existing bank account via Plaid Inc., an industry standard for banking security and connectivity. Once this connection is made, Wedge issues the user a Wedge debit card, which is used like any other credit or debit card for in-store or online transactions. Users can buy and sell stocks and bonds within the Wedge app, just as they would through any other online trading platform. When the Wedge debit card is used for a transaction, the benefits kick in. Within seconds of the transaction, the user is sent a notification that enables them to pay for the purchase using any asset, or a combination of assets, from within their Wedge wallet. Additionally, the user is given real-time information that details how much they could save by using these assets compared to cash.

“Wedge provides an opportunity for users to have a unified banking, trading, and spending experience with every purchase,” said Billy Roberts, CEO of Wedge Financial, Inc. “Instead of waiting for trades to clear, dollar amounts to move between accounts, and dedicated debit cards tied to a single currency, Wedge users can seamlessly transact using more than 2,000 assets. When you think about this new capability to use stocks and cash to make everyday purchases in the way that is most advantageous to the user, the possibilities for savings and efficient money management are endless.”

Through its patent-pending technology that enables real-time financial routing, Wedge allows users to capitalize on market movements to their benefit, spending using their assets, which lets users manage their savings and cash flow. Wedge brings a new category of capital into the market that was previously held as idle cash in checking accounts. The real-time liquidity capability, coupled with the ability to set automatically recurring payments through Wedge, enables the user to capitalize on micro-arbitrage opportunities during checkout at dollar amounts that have never before been possible to trade efficiently.

About Wedge Financial, Inc.

Wedge provides the first digital wallet and spending app that lets users pay for everyday purchases by using any asset in their Wedge wallet, including stocks and bonds. Wedge is reinventing everyday spending by giving users the choice of selecting the optimal asset to use at checkout to save on purchases by taking advantage of real-time market movements.